What we do

We provide a range of services, supported by our in-house team of technical and commercial professionals.


Our team includes chartered process engineers, chemical scientists, mechanical, electrical and ICA engineers as well as a wealth of commercial and management experience.

We have the unique and effective combination of technical and commercial skills required to develop and deliver commercially and technically viable projects and technologies, from concept through to optimisation.

We combine cutting edge innovation with proven and robust technologies to ensure we meet the needs of our market in the most cost effective and efficient way.


Our services include:
  • Expert consultancy

  • Project development

  • Technology development

  • Asset management

  • Engineering services

Expert consultancy

We provide specialist consultancy services from technical and commercial due diligence to discreet project work.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals includes engineers, scientists and commercial managers. All have extensive consulting and contracting experience spanning the water, wastewater, waste, marine, energy and power sectors. With this in-house expertise, EcoGenR8 can provide a wide range of expert consultancy services.

Our expert consultancy services include:

  • Technical and commercial due diligence
  • Technology selection and evaluation
  • Market assessments
  • Project consultancy (process, mechanical, electrical and ICA)
  • Project and technology feasibility studies

Contact our technical team to find out more about our consultancy services on info@ecogenr8.com

Project development

We undertake all elements of the project development cycle, from concept design to permitting and planning. Our core capabilities lie in the origination and development of organic waste treatment projects where we have demonstrable experience in anaerobic digestion, biomass treatment, biogas utilisation and biosolids treatment.

By offering a complete end-to-end project development solution, we enable our clients to achieve their project aims in a highly cost and time efficient manner.

Our project development services include:

  • Site assessments
  • Planning and permit applications
  • Technology selection
  • Concept and detailed design
  • Sourcing and structuring project finance

Contact our technical team to find out more about our development services on info@ecogenr8.com

Technology development

We develop our own proprietary products as well as working with technology companies to deliver innovative solutions.

We work closely with our key clients to understand the current and future needs of their sector and business. This proactive approach enables us to identify market needs for certain technology based solutions. We assess the technology market to identify existing suitable technologies with which we can work to deliver these solutions or, where necessary, develop our own in-house solutions. We have demonstrable experience of all stages of the product development cycle, from concept through to commercialisation.

Our technology development services include:

  • Need identification and assessment
  • Technology evaluation
  • Testing, verification, trial and performance evaluation
  • Concept development through to detailed engineering
  • Financial, commercial and market assessments

Contact our technical team to find out more about our technology development services on info@ecogenr8.com

Asset management

We provide asset management services to optimise asset performance and maximise whole-life financial performance.

Our engineering expertise across the process, mechanical, electrical and ICA disciplines, coupled with our teams experience of operating at the ‘sharp end’ and in developing strategic business cases, allows us to deliver robust and practical asset management solutions that meet both the technical and commercial drivers of the asset owner.

Our asset management services include:

  • Developing operational and management procedures
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Performance optimization and troubleshooting
  • Investment planning and management

Contact our technical team to find out more about our asset management services on info@ecogenr8.com

Engineering and project delivery

EcoGenR8’s focus is as a development entity. Once viable, our projects, technologies and solutions are delivered through our subsidiary company, AFECO.

AFECO is an engineering services provider, delivering a comprehensive range of technical engineering, installation and consultancy services. Specialising in process engineering, mechanical, electrical and ICA disciplines, AFECO’s expertise lies in the water, waste and marine sectors where they are an established provider of technical services. With a reputation for robust and value engineered yet innovative and appropriate solutions, AFECO understand the importance of providing cost effective solutions that provide long term operational robustness whilst delivering flexibility and energy efficiency.

AFECO’s core services include:

  • Conceptual through to detailed engineering design
  • Technology selection
  • Programme and project management
  • Site installation, commissioning and operator training
  • Control panel design and manufacture

Visit the AFECO website to learn more http://www.afeco.co.uk

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