Who we are

EcoGenR8 is an innovation company, focused on the development and commercialisation of cleantech products and services.
Our core skills lie in the development of cleantech technologies for which we offer a range of services, from expert consultancy through to the development and delivery of all stages of the innovation and project cycle.
Our philosophy

There’s a better way to do things. Find it. Thomas Edison

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals with extensive consulting and contracting experience, including engineers, scientists and commercial managers. Our knowledge and expertise spans the water, wastewater, waste, marine, energy and power sectors and covers all stages of the innovation and project delivery cycle from concept through to operations.

We are driven by the desire to do things better, improving the efficiency and sustainability of our water, wastewater and waste treatment and the generation and utilisation of power and energy.

Our aim is to provide the most effective range of solutions and products available on the market that meet the needs of our clients. We achieve this through a combination of developing our own proprietary range of products and solutions as well as through affiliations and collaborations with other innovative technology providers.

We offer flexible business models, ranging from discreet consultancy assignments to partnering with technology providers and project developers to share the risk associated with developing technologies and projects.

Quality is integral to everything we do, as is our commitment to protecting and improving our environment and to health and safety. We have accredited certification from Lloyds register for our management systems against ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 and strive for continual improvement. Read our Quality Policy, Environment Policy and H&S Policy here. Our commitment to sustainability and social well being is integral to our every day business and you can read our Policies here. CSR and Code of Conduct Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy, Sustainability Policy, Anti Slavery Policy and Anti Bribery Policy.

We also have an established in house project delivery team and are an NICEIC approved contractor.

We take the privacy and security of data very seriously and as a Company are committed to being fully compliant with the requirements of GDPR 2018. You can read our Privacy and Security Policy here which applies to the data collected from this website.

Our capabilities

  • Identifying market opportunities for projects and solutions
  • Identifying and assessing novel technologies
  • Technology development and commercialisation
  • Concept development including outline design
  • Detailed technical and commercial development
  • Financial modelling and fiscal incentives
  • Planning and permit applications
  • Asset innovation and optimisation

Our core expertise

Project development
Innovation and optimisation
Technology development and commercialisation
Technical and commercial due diligence

Our affiliations and accreditations

Our subsidaries

AFECO is a specialist engineering services provider and is the subsidiary of EcoGenR8 through which our range of products and solutions are delivered.

With a wealth of knowledge in process, mechanical, electrical and ICA engineering, AFECO has the expertise and experience to deliver all stages of the project cycle from concept design through to site installation and commissioning. Serving the water and waste treatment sector, AFECO delivers innovation, optimisation and robust engineering solutions.

Visit the AFECO website to learn more www.afeco.co.uk.

Innov8 Products is a specialist products company targeted at providing the superyacht sector with water and waste management products.

Utilising the core process expertise and engineering skills of the EcoGenR8 team, Innov8 Products is able to source and develop products designed to specifically address the unique challenges faced by the super and mega yacht sectors – ensuring black and grey water treatment remains compliant with MARPOL Regulations and on board waste is handled effectively.

Technology partnering

We have a demonstrable track record of working with technology providers, whether as a delivery partner or to incorporate products and solutions into our projects.

Whether as a partnership or conventional contractual arrangement, we have a flexible range of options for working with technology companies to bring innovation to the market, whether this requires proof of concept trials or full-scale commercial roll out. We have the right access to the market to facilitate the introduction and testing of new technologies

If you have a new concept or technology, we can work with you to bring that solution to the market.

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